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Industrial AC Drives

Yaskawa U1000 Industrial matrix Drive

U1000 Industrial MATRIX Drive

Yaskawa A1000 Configured

A1000 Configured

Yaskawa G7 Configured

G7 Configured

  • Configured Product for G7 Drive
  • Provides a G7 drive in a NEMA 12, UL Type 1, IP22 or 54 enclosure,
  • Yaskawa G7 Drive Flyer
Yaskawa Z1000U Matrix HVAC Drive

Z1000U Drive

Yaskawa A1000 Drive

A1000 Drive

Yaskawa G7 Drive

G7 Drive

  • Inverter architecture
  • Ideal drive for high performance speed, torque, or position control applications
  • Yaskawa G7 Drive Flyer


Yaskawa J1000 Drive

J1000 Drive

Yaskawa V1000-4x Drive

V1000-4X Drive

Yaskawa V1000 Drive

V1000 Drive

Network Communication Protocols

PLC Integration Tools Brochure 

Communication Options Brochure 

DeviceNet ODVA Fieldbus Protocol

  • DeviceNet is a protocol that is owned andregulated by the ODVA
  • RS-485 based fieldbus network capable of multidrop nodes
  • DeviceNet Data Sheets

EtherCAT Ethernet-based protocol supported by ETG

  • EtherCAT is an Ethernet-based protocol
  • Operate the drive, monitor the status, change parameters
  • EtherCAT Data Sheets


  • Designed for connecting a drive to a field network using the MECHATROLINK protocol
  • Communication speed up to 10Mbps

Modbus RTU Modbus Fieldbus protocol using RS-485

  • A RS-485 widely used network protocol.
  • This network is capabile of multiple nodes
  • Modbus RTU Data Sheet
profinet-logo copy

PROFINET PI Ethernet based protocol

  • PROFINET (PROcess FIeld NETwork) is a widely-used Ethernet-based fieldbus network protocol
  • Capable of hundreds of nodes on the network
  • PROFINET Data Sheets
EtherNet IP

Ethernet-IP ODVA Ethernet-based protocol

  • EtherNet/IP is a popular, globally-used network
  • Capable of hundreds of nodes on one network
  • EtherNet-IP Data Sheets

MECHATROLINK-II MMA Fieldbus protocol

  • Designed for connecting a drive to a field network using the MECHATROLINK protocol
  • Communication speed up to 10Mbps

Modbus TCP-IP Ethernet-based Modbus protocol

  • Ethernet-based network that uses the TCP and IP protocols
  • Very simple and easy means to send and receive data
  • Modbus TCP-IP Data Sheet
profibus-logo copy

PROFIBUS PI Fieldbus protocol

  • An RS-485 based fieldbus network, capable of multidrop nodes
  • Complimented by its Ethernet based counterpart, PROFINET.
  • PROFIBUS Data Sheets